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We assist Residential and Commercial investors and developers at any stage of their investment and development process to achieve optimum outcomes for stakeholders. 

We have in-house experience that has spanned three countries over 3 decades and delivered projects from “one home” on a lot, right up to multi-level apartment projects including developing up to 200 apartments on a single site.


Symon Peters

CEO and FOUNDER 360 Collective

As Founding Partner and CEO of 360Collective Symon brings the Founding Vision and over 30 years of Development and Property experience. 360Collectives is about service and impact. Symon is responsible for setting the business culture, ethos, integrity and standards to support and grow our clients’ vision, revenues, and profits.

Symons vision for 360Collective is a platform that has been designed to enable a team lead solution for any type of property asset. From commercial through to residential, from land subdivision to built form and from splitter size residential deals through to multi 100’s lot subdivisions 360Collective can bring expertise to the table and enhance your business performance. Symon leads the team to deliver an Immediate scale to your operations at multiple points in your business.

Symons experience encompasses all property types in multiple countries and in multiple states of Australia. Upon arrival in Australia, he set up a New Zealand owned development company and undertook an acquisition in Cairns where he purchased and then was engaged to a lead the DA for a 1500 person Resort, including a proposed Marriott Hotel and subdivision project within 300 acres of rainforest and 2km of waterfront.

In NZ where he founded a development company and operated it for over 15 years Symon acquired and delivered multiple projects in the residential, commercial, and industrial space around Auckland. Being the first person in NZ to purchase “Air-Space” over a car park in his late 20’s, Symons proven track record for innovation and managing project complexity is useful for solving and applying lateral thinking to our client’s needs.


Mish Daniel

Commercial Real Estate Trainer & Property Expert

Since Mish Daniel  started as a real estate investor in 1992. She had acquired over 35 properties, renovated 29 for further profit while running 3x vertical Manufacturing businesses. She founded Mish Daniel  Commercial in 2017 and has join forces in collaboration  with 360Collective in 2019.

With her unique experience in  both business and real estate, Mish has provided a thorough understanding on what works as an investment property with smart exit strategies by contextualising risks and rewards for commercial real estate investors in a short space of time.

Prior to Founding Mish Daniel Commercial, she was the founder and director of Pro-add Pty Ltd, Print scene & Stitch Count Pty Ltd  in South Africa (since 1999), culminating in heading specialist teams and 400 staff involving over $250M in acquisitions and sales. 

Preceding Mish Daniel Commercial, Mish was responsible for producing large scale production to national brands across multi faceted businesses. She became a registered Real Estate Agent specialising in Commercial acquisitions, and is a lifetime member of the BSI (Business Success Institute) BSc FCA. She holds a diplomas in Business Success, Graphology and Graphic design, which have all contributed to her understanding of her clients needs through a creative eye. Mish now services over 1000 clients in commercial real estate.


Ethical Investment

With development management and capital raising experience, Dionne joined 360Collective to focus on the set-up and execution of an Ethical Property Investment fund. The intention of the fund is to provide social and affordable housing, sustainable housing, community developments and projects with a positive environmental impact.

Since 2014, Dionne has raised $7.3 million dollars and successfully delivered projects worth $13.6 million ranging from small 1 into 2 subdivisions up to a 14 townhouse project. As a former research scientist, Dionne combines an analytical mind, creativity in finding suitable developments and a relationship based approach in bringing together high-yielding projects, landowners and joint venture partners where everybody wins.

Prior to joining 360 Collective, Dionne founded the company Subdivide and Profit, to help homeowners maximise the value of their homes through the subdivision of their properties. Dionne’s role as the development manager involved leveraging relationships with consultants in the development community and making these accessible for homeowners.

Prior to her career change into Development Management, Dionne obtained a PhD from Southern Cross University and has patents in the medicinal natural products space, as well as a post graduate certificate in Project Management. 

Dionne Payn


Angelique Schesser

Property Manager and Executive Assistant 

Angelique is an adaptable, ‘take-charge’ property manager with a talent in customer service focusing on outstanding administration skills. The trusted ‘go-to’ specialist for all our clients, tenants as well as the
team at 360Collective.  
With over 25 years of experience in customer service she aims to always exceed expectations. Angelique’s approach of ‘loving on’ everyone is her secret to success.

Taking charge of the property management department for Commercial Realty Management Pty Ltd, is the perfect match for her. Combining her real estate licence and passion for assisting others, her clients know she understands their assets and ensures success of their investments. She has increased tenant retention by carefully listening, understanding and planning forward.

Angelique is dedicated to creating a customer experience like no other so that we can provide the best outcomes for our clients and their tenants.
She increases revenue by delivering enhanced asset value and greater cash flow, through increased tenant satisfaction and operational efficiencies.


She is the communications specialist with a custom approach. She listens carefully to develop a deep understanding of any objectives, aspirations, opportunities, and risks. She then applies her knowledge of the market to create a strategy which ensures to achieve the very best results overall.


Angelique looks forward to working with you and your tenants to achieve the best possible results.


Aggregating and Brokering

Prior to joining 360Collective, Owen has owned and operated multiple businesses in different verticals including retail chain ITShop, professional IT infrastructure company ITG Corporate and commercial fit out company FTP Developments. 

Owen is experienced in project concept design to implementation and ongoing project management until completion. Having managed commercial fitouts and implemented large scale IT solutions for mass multi tenant residential and commercial assets for both greenfield and brownfield sites.

Project sites and clients have included Stockland, Mirvac, QIC, Westfield, Probuild, Alceon and Cap Trans. Diligent contract negotiations and management with external and internal stake holders resulted in beneficial outcomes for all involved with a high percentage of projects implemented on time and under budget.

After looking for a change of course and after completing numerous property development courses, Owen decided he needed a more hands on experience before looking to do his own development deals. Since joining 360Collective as one of the founding members, Owen has worked alongside and been mentored by Symon Peters in all thing’s property development.

Owen regularly provides advice internally and externally for site acquisitions, due diligence, deal structuring, project marketing & channel sales including land subdivisions, house & land townhouse & terrace projects.

Owen is currently responsible for aggregating and brokering structured deals with land owners, developers and builders of all sizes. Owen also currently works with various sales channels he engages with in which to help exit resulting development stock. 

Owen Page


Dino Tartaglia

Construction Business Development Manager

Dino has been involved in real estate since the mid 1990’s, selling both new investment property and existing property, so he understand the residential property market well and has met and negotiated with clients from mum and dad’s, all the way through to experienced investors.

Dino has been with 360 Collective for over a year now  and is our construction BDM in both the residential and commercial areas and it is his role to liaise with developers, architects & designers, real estate agents, finance brokers and the like, to be able to provide construction solutions for their clients through our trusted network of experienced builders.


Dino liaises with all parties to bring together documentation, pricing and advocacy support on behalf of our network of builders and collaboration partners. His goal is to achieve the best outcome for all involved, in order to build a long lasting , trusted relationship with developers and his collaboration partners .


As he is an outgoing person, who loves people, he really enjoys  connecting and meeting both with his existing network and always looking for new key partners to work with to expand his relationships.


Dino has also had key roles in the finance sector , as both a financial planner and a finance broker for over 15 years,  so he has a good understanding of the finance industry, which helps when discussing his clients  property requirements.


All in all, Dino has  great knowledge in the property sector and is always looking to provide great solutions and support to his clients, in order to build and maintain strong relationships both now and into the future.


Property Sourcing 

Jaye's responsible for assisting the 360 commercial real estate channel through property sourcing for clients, creating live monthly high yielding long leasing investment opportunities for clients, hand picking great commercial investment opportunities,  he advertises these opportunities on various social media groups.

Jaye assists the Commercial Property channel Specialist Buyer’s Advocate Service.

He specializes in helping our client’s invest in top quality commercial property. 
As buyers’ agents, we work for our clients to help them find commercial properties that are best suited for their individual criteria and budget.

Jaye entered the property sector in 2019 through the 'Massland' program that laid out some basic foundations which lead me to meeting Symon through networking and passing on his work on for professional review.

Jaye background is primarily in the hospitality industry actively as a professional qualified chef in the ski/snowboarding resorts worldwide.

Jaye has undertaken a on the job traineeship with 360 in property development and commercial real estate sectors supporting the 360 professionals in these areas to assist our clients.  

Jaye Rixy 


Tony Price

Property Advisory

Tony is an experienced property executive with a 30+ year involvement in the industry across a variety of roles bringing highly developed analytical skills to the organisation.

His experience incorporates senior development and business roles with National Property Groups in addition to being a successful smaller scale developer of his own projects.

Tony is known for his commercial savvy often taking a direct approach in delivering solutions.


Real Estate Agents

Highly motivated and results driven real estate agents with experience in project marketing and acquisitions.

Glenn and Anthony have both been in business together for the past 11 years and started by purchasing a small manufacturing business. They soon turned this small business into 3 separate entities and a large importing and marketing company, employing over 25 staff, negotiating international contracts and setting up Australia wide distribution.


Since selling their interests in these businesses they took up the opportunity to establish a name in Real Estate.

Since beginning a career in Real Estate they have focused their sights on mostly land developments and project marketing. With the similarities of each project being like starting a new business, it was only natural for them to follow this direction.


Transferring their business acumen into Real Estate has given them the edge over their competition. They are extremely focused on delivering the best outcome at the best possible price. This has been prevalent in a number of projects the pair have help deliver. From single dwellings to large projects marketing and acquisitions.

Glenn Finlay & Anthony Wittard


Lisa Beisel

Renovation Consultant

One of Lisa’s main focuses in life is helping others. A rewarding career in medical administration not only gave her strong administration and organisational skills, but it allowed her to discover her love of being of service to others. Lisa believes transparency and open, honest communication with her clients and others is of high importance and the reason for her success.

In 1997 Lisa and her husband started a successful Cabinet Making business which saw her appreciate the value a kitchen and bathroom renovation added the value of their clients property. This is also where Lisa grew her knowledge of interior design, colours, products and gained a greater understanding of how to add value to a property without over-capitalising. With the additional experience of successfully (and profitably) building, developing and renovating several of their own properties, Lisa soon saw this was an area she could help other property owners and investors.

For the past 5 years Lisa has advised and guided over 120 clients in renovating to add value to property. Along with this she also coordinated and managed the projects for the majority of her clients. Lisa knows the importance of listening and understanding her clients needs. Providing them with advice, guidance and support to help them achieve what they want from their property. 

“The greatest part of my role has been seeing my clients achieve significant growth in their equity and yields, many by as much as 20%”.

Lisa is looking forward to bringing her skills and expertise to 360 Collective. She is very excited to be joining a team with the same core values and focus for their clients success.

What People Say

"Commercial Real Estate has been an interest the last couple of years and I was following Mish, however with interest rates where they were it didn’t make sense to invest, own and lease. When the “Straithhaird” project was advertised it definitely fitted into the way we were thinking. I found talking to Mish on the phone helped us to make the decision to invest; the conversation was sensible down to earth and engaging. The follow up Zoom meetings have further given us confidence we have a team working for us who know what they are doing; this is a great adventure for us. We have spoken to others about the investment and there is definite interest to see how it goes. It is a strategy that sits well for us as we move toward semi - retirement, our money can do some work for us."

- Jenny Cassar