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360Collective Services

Contribution is the core value of our business

We Love What We Do

Loving what we do transpires to giving you the very best from our capable team.

“If you want more from life you just need to help more people get more of what they want from life”.  
Zig Ziglar 

Every individual here is acutely focussed in on your needs. We also collaborate with like-minded and qualified individuals and companies to bring you the best outcomes possible for any situation you bring us.

360Collective is the essence of value add. Our reputation is based on successful outcomes for our clients and we are only as good as our last project so we are always looking to supersede our current reputation bringing you exceptional success.


Development Advice

360Collective have many years of proven success in all aspects of Property ownership and development in multiple countries and jurisdictions.  If you have value add, development, investment assets, repositioning opportunities, refurbishment, construction or property acquisitions required we can work with you to deliver strategy, execution and ultimately project success at every level.  


Obtaining approvals and managing a team of consultants and more importantly obtaining exit for residential assets or income for commercial property is what we consistently achieve through our organisation internally or our trusted networks. 

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Commercial Advice

From retail, commercial, industrial and commercial development assets, 360 collective have a team to execute on any scale of transections.


We specialise in repositioning and optimising the best ways to improve commercial assets for highest returns.


The senior members of 360 collective have been investing in commercial assets since 2002, in multiple countries and have qualified advice for your assets, redevelopment and or repositioning


Ethical Investment

At 360Collective our intention is to support and champion forward-thinking developers by providing equity funding through our Equity Property Development Fund.  The Fund is currently in the product development stage and will be available to developers whose projects fall under one or more of the four pillars of the Funds mandate.

These are: Affordable and Social Housing, Sustainable Housing, Community Minded Developments & Developments that have a positive environmental impact.

Our partners in the business have experience in areas including Funds Management, Capital Raising and ASIC Compliance and we look forward to furthering our community of like-minded organisations to support this global growth sector.

Click here for information on The Priority List.

Team Meeting

Sales & Marketing

360Collective bring a qualified team to any project marketing job.  Whether you need wholesale or investment sales, project retail sales and marketing, strategy and advice we can support and execute this through a combination of our internal and external network of deal makers, sales people and creatives

What People Say

"Commercial Real Estate has been an interest the last couple of years and I was following Mish, however with interest rates where they were it didn’t make sense to invest, own and lease. When the “Straithhaird” project was advertised it definitely fitted into the way we were thinking. I found talking to Mish on the phone helped us to make the decision to invest; the conversation was sensible down to earth and engaging. The follow up Zoom meetings have further given us confidence we have a team working for us who know what they are doing; this is a great adventure for us. We have spoken to others about the investment and there is definite interest to see how it goes. It is a strategy that sits well for us as we move toward semi - retirement, our money can do some work for us."

- Jenny Cassar

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